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girlsrelatableblog said:
Do you have any advice for a just starting blog? By the way I love your acc. I hope one day mine is as good as yours💕

Awh thank you!! I’m going to copy and paste what I wrote to someone else, that way I don’t have to repeat myself.

Well my tips are:

1. Be original. Sounds cliche but TRUTH. I see people copying off other blogs all the time and to tell you the truth they do not have very many followers. Lets face it, NOBODY wants to follow a blog that is just like someone else’s ya know? So be original, be a blog other people want to copy off of because they’re that jealous!

2. Pick a theme, stick with it. Pick what you want your blog to be about, whether it be photography, art, quotes etc. Pick it, stick with it. If you constantly change it, you will have people unfollowing and stuff.

3. Be kind to your followers. (If you are not overall a nice person then work on your kindness before getting a blog :0)) Nobody wants to follow someone who is always rude and mean.

4. Be patient. I have 63k+followers but it took me two years and constant learning on how to run a blog.

5. Be humble and don’t be cocky about how many followers you have. Okay, this just something I’m kind of throwing out there bc I tend to unfollow blogs that say stuff like “omg why do I not have more followers I deserve so much more:(((” thats just not how it should be. Be grateful for every single one of your followers as they are not forced to follow you but doing it by choice! :)

6. Try to post at least some original posts. Reblogging is fine too, but I’ve had my personal account longer than this one and it has 83 followers because all I ever do on it is reblog, and on this one I have 63k and make original posts. because lets face it, people want to see unique blogs, they know they if they follow me they’ll only see omg thats totally me posts and this is the original source to get them from! :-)

good luck with your blog ! :)

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